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BCATS 2007 Posters
Modeling Bone Growth in High-Performance Tennis Players
Rebecca Taylor, Chunhua Zheng, Ryan Jackson, Joey Doll, Amir Shamloo, Ellen Kuhl

In Vivo Abdominal Aortic 3D Deformations Due to Musculoskeletal Motion
Gilwoo Choi, Ga Young Suh, Lewis K. Shin, Charles A. Taylor, Christopher P. Cheng

Localizing a Guidewire in Three Dimensions During Endovascular Interventions
Gennadiy Chuyeshov, Markus Kukuk, Sandy Napel
Aiding the Detection of Vascular Trauma in the Human Upper Extremity Arteries with Image-based Models of Blood Flow
Aaron S. Wang, David H. Liang, Charles A. Taylor
Cruciate Ligament Removal Contributes to Abnormal Knee Motion During Posterior Stabilized Total Knee Arthroplasty
Melinda J. Cromie, Robert A. Siston, Nicholas J. Giori, Scott L. Delp
Signaling at the Single Cell Level: Learning Signaling Pathway Structures from Multivariate Data
Karen Sachs

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